Kinmen Travelogue
Kinmen Travelogue
The Battleground Heritage & Cultural Tradition

Situated nearby Xiamen, Kinmen comprises 12 islands of which the geographic location marks a crucial strategic position. Over 50 years of military history, the remains of Battle of Guningtou, August 23rd Artillery Battle and other battles in the past have become tourist attractions of unique characteristics. In addition to military landmarks, Kinmen also features old traditional Fujian (Minnan) style houses, spectacular Baroque architectures and the famous Wind Lion Gods - the guardian of Kinm

Recommended Spots
Taihu Recreation Area (Zhongzheng Park, Zhongzheng Memorial Forest)

The Taihu Recreation Area is a park centered on Tai Lake (the largest man-made freshwater lake in Kinmen) and covers an area of 45 hectares. It is highly recommended to take a walk or bike along the road around the lake to experience all the beautiful scenery of Tai Lake – watching the sun reflects on shimmering lake during the day and various flowers and trees on the lakeside, magnificent and beautiful.
At the entrance of Zhongzheng Park (on the south side of Tai Lake), you can see a bronze statue of the late president Chiang Kai-Shek. You can also find walking trails along the towering pine forest, another good choice to walk around and explore Tai Lake. Located right next to the north shore of Taihu Lake, Zhongzheng Memorial Forest was built to commemorate president Chiang Kai-Shek. The forest has garden design and landscaping such as lotus pond with long bridges and pavilions and the dense woods on the pool planted with eucalyptus and eucalyptus, together give the place peace and harmony.

August 23rd Artillery Battle Museum

Visit here to learn more about August 23 Artillery Battle! The names of the 587 officers who had lost their lives in the battle were engraved on the walls on both sides of the entrance hall. The left wing of the museum accommodates the F-86 Sabre and the 155-mm howitzer. On the right, there is an amphibious landing vehicle tracked (LVT) and a light tank, the M24 Chaffee. The exhibits give visitors a glimpse of the joint operations the three forces carried out in the battle. Furthermore, visitors can also learn more about the historic event from the comprehensive timeline and historical facts of the August 23 Artillery Battle on display.

Painted Houses by Shanwai River

Located on the intersection of Taihu Rd. and Ziqiang Rd, Painted Houses by Shanwai River has become one of the popular attractions in Jinhu Township. Each house is brightly colored, stunning and eye-catching, makes them difficult to ignore. Some of them are even exotic as if it is the Venice of Kinmen. The Painted Houses by Shanwai River is definitely a great photo spot no matter day and night in Kinmen, come to visit soon!

Chen Jing-lan Western-style House

Built in 1921, Chen Jing-Lan Western-style House was the residence of Cheng Jing-Lan, a Kinmenese achieved expatriate in Singapore who returned to Kinmen. It is the largest and most compressively designed Western-style house in Kinmen. The all-white exterior, fine carvings and symmetric archways are some of the most impressive indicators of the Western influence. Chen Jing-Lan Western-style House had served multiple purposes including a military camp, military hospital, school building of Kinmen Secondary School and even a holiday recreation center for military personnel. Today, it has become the most visited tourist attraction in Kinmen of historical significance.
The house is facing Liao Luo Seashore, has beautiful scenery of the sea. The surrounding attractions within walking distance include Jin Tang Park (where a statue of liberty stands at the center), Chenggong Tunnel and Chenggong Beach.

Shanhou Folk and Culture Village

A trip to Kinmen will not be complete without visiting Shanhou Folk and Culture Village which is the most well preserved historic village in Kinmen. Built in the 26th year under emperor Guangshu's rule in Qing dynasty (1900), the massive compound consists of sixteen traditional two-entry Fujian/Minnan-style houses, one school building and the Wang Clan Ancestral Shrine. Collectively referred to as “the eighteen houses”, all of the architectures face towards the sea with the mountains at the back. The orderly compound also features exquisite architectural details. Some would even consider it representative of Kinmen's Minnan-style architectures.

Lion Mountain Howitzer Park

Lion Mountain Howitzer Park (also known as Zhendong Tunnel), situates in the northeast of Kinmen and near Shanhou Folk and Culture Village, is the only remaining howitzer base built in a tunnel. The 508-meter tunnel is equipped with comprehensive military facilities that are still in good condition today. The most astonishing exhibit is undoubtedly the 8-inch howitzer, a powerful weapon of a 17-km firing range that had contributed to the success of the August 23 Artillery Battle. The gun drill demonstration is another impressive highlight of the howitzer front today, don't miss it!

Gun Drill Demonstration

Daily 10:00, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 (no demonstration on Thursdays; additional demonstration available on weekends & holidays at 09:00)

Gun Drill Demonstration Daily 10:00, 11:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 (no demonstration on Thursdays; additional demonstration available on weekends & holidays at 09:00)
Shangyi Environmental Protection Park

There is a tall Wind Lion God standing on the high ground near Kinmen Airport, this large is the Shangyi Environmental Protection Park. It was an area of clay mining waste, under reconstruction, the land of the waste has turned into a beautiful park with 64 duplicated Wind Lion Gods from villages all of the Kinmen, ponds and grassland.
The 64 duplicated Wind Lion Gods with exact size and shape from the original decorated inside create a unique setting; and if you don't have time visit all the Wind Lion in the township, you must come here to see them all once! As Shangyi Environmental Park is close to Kinmen Airport, it is advised to arrange this poplar spot at the first or the last stop on the itinerary when you travel by plane.

Fun All Year Round

When you are visiting Kinmen, not only the attractions, there are also festivals and special events every month; you may learn more about the diverse aspects of Kinmen by participating in the activities. Kinmen offers various natural sceneries throughout the year. The magnificent rapeseed field in the spring, while the summer is perfect for beach activities. Golden kaoliang fields are the highlight in autumn, and the spectacular scenery of returning cormorants and migratory birds is what lights

  • Gorgeous rapeseed field
  • Beautiful foggy spring
  • Perfect for beach activities
  • Golden kaoliang fields
  • Spectacular scene of returning cormorants and migratory birds
Jan. – Mar.
  • Kinmen Marathon
  • Mazu's Salt for Peace Festival
Apr. – Jun.
  • Rock Oyster and Wheat Culture Festival
  • Wudao City God Parade
Jul. – Sep.
  • Jinhu Beach Clam Festival
  • Quemoy International Music Festival
  • Swimming across Kinmen and Xiamen
  • The Dice Game for Mooncakes (Bo-Bing) on Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Lieyu Township's Taro Festival
Oct. – Dec.
  • Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival
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