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iRich Club
Member Service Center +886-2-8792-0111
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Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Profond Duty Free Shop and Kingfond Duty Free Shop reserve all rights to the approval and issuance of membership cards, and the modification, suspension and termination of memberships and these Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the notice or announcement on the official websites for relevant terms and conditions, benefits, promotions or special offers. Ever Rich Duty Free Shop/Kingfond Duty Free Shop/Profond Duty Free Shop (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') and its affiliates comply with Taiwan's Personal Information Protection Act and hereby inform you that: the purposes of collecting personal data of the members are to manage memberships, and conduct marketing, internal satisfaction research and consumer statistics analysis; the personal data is collected via automated or non-automated measures; the types of personal data collected are the data for the uses of identifying and describing individuals, and recognizing government records. The Company and its affiliates may collect, process, use or internationally transmit the personal data that members have filled in or provided for the application of membership or other personal data that members consent to provide in the future within the operational period of the Company and in the necessary jurisdictions to achieve the purposes mentioned above. Within the scope of collection purposes, the Company and its affiliates may also provide part or all of the personal data of members to corporate parties for the provision of relevant services to the members. The personal data provided by members shall be accurate, authentic and complete. Members are liable for his/her fraudulence or any identity theft; members are required to notify the Company immediately in the case of any changes made to the membership information such as names, addresses or phone numbers to ensure the successful delivery of membership notices and updates. Any modifications to the purposes or types of the collection and processing of personal data mentioned above will be announced on the official websites. No additional notice will be provided elsewhere.
How to Accumulate iRich Points
STEP 1Present your iRich Membership Card upon making a purchase.
STEP 2Scan your membership barcode and accumulate your iRich Points!
STEP 3Redeem exclusive gifts with your iRich Points.
In case of Digital Membership Card is not presented upon purchase, you may still enter the transaction on the day of purchase and accumulate your points.
※If the transaction is entered after the day of purchase, the purchased amount may not be accumulated and no points will be rewarded.
※Newly accumulated iRich Points will be updated on your iRich App within 48 hours.
iRich App Exclusive Upgrading Rewards
Members upgraded to Ithuu membership and Cidal membership can enjoy extra exclusive courteous receptions that allow you to enjoy dignified services.
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Redeem Bonus iRich Points for Good Gifts
Accumulated bonus iRich points can be used to redeem for Ever Rich Shopping Vouchers, multi-store Food/Drink Vouchers, star-rated hotel accommodation vouchers, and a variety of good gifts!
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Where Can You Collect iRich Points

iRich Digital Membership Card can be used at Ever Rich, Profond and Kingfond Duty Free stores to accumulate your iRich Points; cannot be used with other accounts.

Coming soon - more stores will have the system update to support the new iRich app.


  • Ever Rich Taoyuan Int'l Airport Store
  • Ever Rich Kaohsiung Int'l Airport Store
  • Ever Rich Taipei Songshan Airport Store
  • Ever Rich Taichung Int'l Airport Store
  • Ever Rich Hualien Airport Store
  • Profond Taichung Int'l Airport Store
  • Profond Penghu Airport Store
  • Kingfond Kinmen Airport Store
  • Bistro :D (Taoyuan Int'l Airport Store - Terminal 1)
  • Espressamente illy (Taoyuan Int'l Airport Store - Terminal 1)
  • hómee CAFÉ (Kaohsiung Int'l Airport Store)
  • hómee KITCHEN (Taoyuan Int'l Airport Store - Terminal 1)
  • hómee KITCHEN (Kaohsiung Int'l Airport Store)
  • hómee KITCHEN (Taipei Songshan Airport Store)
  • hómee KITCHEN (Taichung Int'l Airport Store)
  • hómee To Go Halal Food (Taoyuan Int'l Airport Store - Terminal 1)
  • Vivi Café (Penghu Airport Store)
  • Wing CAFÉ (Taipei Songshan Airport Store)


  • Ever Rich Keelung Harbor Store
  • Ever Rich Shuitou Pier Store
  • Profond Magong Harbor Store
  • hómee CAFÉ (Keelung Harbor Store)
  • hómee KITCHEN (Keelung Harbor Store)


  • Ever Rich Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu
  • Ever Rich Golden Lake Plaza
  • Profond Pier 3
  • Profond ViVi Square
  • Profond Lyudao ViVi Square
  • Profond Liuqiu ViVi Square
  • hómee CAFÉ ( Ever Rich Golden Lake Plaza)
  • Home Garden (Ever Rich Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu)
  • Vivi Café (Profond ViVi Square)

* For relevant attentions and instructions, please refer to the Announcements.