Career outlook

EVERRICH specializes in the international duty-free industry, and has a wide array of needs for different talents.

Happiness Upgrade

Happiness Upgrade
  • Nutritious meals at the workplace

  • Scholarships for employees’ children

  • Free uniforms

  • Holiday and birthday bonuses

  • Club activities

  • Shuttle bus, transportation allowance

  • Regular health checkups and consultation offered by nursing professionals

  • Shopping & Dining with Employee Discounts

  • Subsidies for employees who obtain licenses

  • Discounts for EVERRICH Golden Lake Hotel and Discovery Hotel

Core Functions

Consolidate Corporate Value and Create Talent Development

innovation Oriented

integrity & initiative

strive for Excellence

customer focus

collaboration to Win-Win

Human Resource Cultivation

Human Resource Cultivation

We are committed to building a learning organization based on a functional structure, and we have set up a talent pool for all levels and a corresponding cultivation mechanism to make the sustainability of talents a reality.

Pre-service Training for Newcomers

  • Pre-service training on knowledge of duty-free commodities, service flow, sales skills, language training and more will enable newcomers to quickly master their work and easily integrate into the team.

Development of Professionals

  • We have training on brand products, professional evaluations, various types of training for licenses, and external training for employees to enhance their capabilities and upgrade their professional skills.

Cultivation of Key Talents

  • Education on strategic development and goal management, leadership training camps, and multiple career development opportunities are available to maximize influence and leadership.

Internship programs at EVERRICH

We have long conducted industry–academia collaborations with universities and colleges to allow students to engage companies before graduation, explore life goals and aspirations, and enhance their self-worth and competitiveness.