The DNA we persist

Ever Rich Management Philosophy – “Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Philanthropy”
Treat people with integrity and keep our promises – Ever Rich vows to pursue excellence and uphold our principles. Based on our existing foundation, we are brave to make breakthroughs and challenge ourselves to achieve our “always put people first” belief, put philanthropic idea into action, convey positive concepts, and pay it forward with acts of kindness.

Ever Rich Core Values – “Public Service Driven and Benefiting All”
All the efforts Ever Rich has put forth come from an “altruistic point” of view that seeks the common good of society.

Warm Hospitality of Taiwanese Culture
Friendly Service at the Gate to the World

With our passion for Taiwan, Ever Rich was founded in Taiwan in 1995 and has been operating 100% in Taiwan with specialization in the international travel retail industry. Utilizing professional, innovative, progressive, and globalized strategies, Ever Rich has built a wide array of multi-functional, diverse, and creative public facilities at Taiwan’s international airports, including Taoyuan, Songshan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Ever Rich’s superior performance in collaborations with the public sector has created countless success stories, earning positive recognition from travelers.

Emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility
Multi-Faceted Devotion

Ever Rich emphasizes the actualization of corporate social responsibility, which encompasses areas in service, food safety, tourism industry promotion, and neighborhood care; all interested parties are communicated with and their needs are responded to. Ever Rich has also been devoted to philanthropic work, caring for underprivileged people, revitalizing Taiwan’s development in tourism, sports, creative culture, and other areas. Under the leadership of our Chairman, a company culture of “all-staff volunteering” has flourished at Ever Rich. Everyone at Ever Rich finds time to participate in charity events during holidays, using their actions to show their care for underprivileged groups in our society.

In 2014, Ever Rich became the world’s first duty free retailer whose Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report earned certification for its publishing. In 2017, Ever Rich attained another CSR certification by proactively presenting the high standard of GRI G4.0.

Major Awards Received
Under the dedication of Ever Rich and everyone who work at Taoyuan International Airport, Ever Rich was awarded the Skytrax “World’s Best Airport Staff Service” – First Place.
Awarded the “Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, APEA 2015” – Taiwan Special Achievement Award.
Founder Simon Chiang was awarded the “K.T. Lee Administration Award”.
Awarded the Skytrax 2016 World’s Best Airport – 30-40 Million Travelers Category – Third Place.
Awarded the “Airport Retailer of the Year: Top-Achieving Single Location” as presented by international media’s Frontier Awards.
Recognized with the “Sports Promotion – Golden Quality Award” as presented by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education.
Recognized with the “2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) – New Comer Sustainability Report Award”.
Recognized with the “Border, Downtown, and Non-airport Retailer of the Year” award as presented by Frontier Awards.
Recognized with the “2017 Outstanding Contribution in Marketing and Broadcasting Award” – Outstanding Taiwanese Brand of the Year.
Awarded the “Best Service in Taiwan” Gold Medal - Outlet/Duty Free Shops category.
Chairman Simon Chiang was awarded the 13rd HK & Macau Taiwanese Charity Fund – “Compassion Award”.
Chairman Simon Chiang was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award as presented by the “Oscars Awards in the travel retail industry” – “Frontier Awards”.
Awarded once again with the “Best Service in Taiwan” Gold Medal - Outlet/Duty Free Shops category.
Recognized by DFNI-Frontier with the DFNI Travel Retail Charitable Initiative of the Year.