Taipei Songshan Int'l Airport Store (TSA)
Opening Hours
Departure 05:30-22:00;Arrival 10:00-23:00
※ Hours may vary depending on the flight timetable.
Service Line
※ Service hours 09:00-18:00
No.340-9, Dunhua N.Rd., Songshan District, Taipei 10548
The Best Duty-Free Store at Songshan Airport!

Combining fashion and the locale, Songshan Airport Store vibes the culture of the capital city. We offer a wide range of selections from luxurious fashion brands, cosmetics and fragrances to tobacco and liquor so you the shopper can get everything on your shopping list. At Songshan Airport Store, we also have a bookstore that you can get your reading on while you are here.

In support of our cultural and creative industry in Taiwan, Songshan Airport Store has many made-in-Taiwan souvenirs, artifacts and other products. So come down here and enjoy yourself a good shopping time.

Transportation Info

Get off at the Taipei MRT station (BR13 – Songshan Airport).

By High-Speed Rail

Get off at the station (Taipei) and transfer to Taipei MRT or take a taxi.

By Taiwan Railways

Get off at the station (Songshan) and transfer to Taipei MRT or take a taxi.

By Coach

Kuo-Kuang Bus (1802, 1840, 1841 or 1842)
Taoyuan Bus (5116 or 9025)
Formosa Fairway (2002)
Orange Bus (5250)
e-go Bus (5350)
Taipei Bus (9025)

By Bus

Take bus (214Express, 225, 225Shuttle, 254, 262, 262Shuttle, 275, 275Sub, 617, 688, 801, 803, 906, 909, 913, 945 or Brown 1).

Parking Info

Non-Free Parking for Cars. Please visit the airport website for more information.

Non-Free Parking for Scooters. Please visit the airport website for more information.

Facilities & Services
Information Center
Free Wi-Fi
Free Cell Phone Charging
Massage Chairs
Prayer Room
Art Gallery
Themed Waiting Lounge
Play Area
Public Computers & Internet
eBook Reading Area