Shuitou Pier
Opening Hours
Apr-Sep 08:00-18:30;Oct-Mar 08:00-17:30
※ Hours may vary depending on the ferry timetable.
Service Line
Service hours: Mon-Thurs (10:00-19:00), Fri (10:00-21:00), Sat (09:00-21:00), Sun (09:00-19:00).
No.5, Sec. 1, Xihai Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County 89346, Taiwan
Ever Rich Gives the Duty-Free Zing in Kinmen!

Kinmen's Shuitou Pier is the first stop of traveling to Xiamen – wherever travelers go, Ever Rich is always there to provide service! Our Shuitou Pier Store offers a wide range of duty-free products - cosmetics, fragrances, tobacco and liquor; including Kinmen's Gong candy (peanut candy), Kaoliang (Sorghum) liquor and more.

Transportation Info
By Bus

Take bus (7, 7A or 7B), get off at the stop (Jincheng) or (Shuitou Pier) and walk for about 2 minutes.

By Ferry

Get off at the stop (Shuitou Pier-Dakinmen)
Get off at the Mini Three Links stop (Kinmen)

Parking Info

Non-free parking for cars Nearby- Shuitou Pier, District-Owned Parking Lot

Please visit the Harbor Bureau, Kinmen County website for more information.

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