The Voyager Magazine | December 2023 Issue

The Voyager Magazine | December 2023 Issue


Where there are people, there are stories. As a workplace that operates 24 hours a day and sends inbound and outbound global travelers on their way, an airport is sure to have the most stories to tell. Travelers return to the airport, facing a brand-new travel experience after the pandemic. This meeting place where people are either about to depart or coming home has become an important place for everyone to experience travel once more. After the renovation of Taoyuan Airport, everything from th

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  • 1.

    V Focus 
    Taiwan as a Starting Point: Rediscovering the Airport—a Walk Through the Terminal

    • A small trip through the airport using all five senses 
    • Three ways to wander through the airport
  • 2.

    V Travel 
    Traveling Light in Asia: A Weekend in Seoul, Island Hopping in Kinmen

    • A Weekend in Seoul for Millennials and Gen Z 
    • A Local’s Guide to Island Hopping in Kinmen
  • 3.

    V Fashion 
    Customize and EnRICH Your Life: Finding Your Happiness in Objects

    • Mini Trend: Compact products that were chosen with care 
    • Light up Your Life: A sense of ceremony that jazzes up your day 
    • Only For You: Your story, your jewelry 
    • Classic Only: Limited edition classics; time to get tipsy
    • Buy some gifts, and show them that you care
  • 4.

    V Vision
    From Slow to Fast: A Guide for Walking Around the City at Different Speeds

    • Just the Right View at 20 km: A Creative Professional’s Memories of Taipei’s Neighborhoods 
    • Customize your shopping services 
    • Enjoy your life, live the RICH life 
    • From the iRich Club—the most heartwarming feedback 
    • Taste the history and culture of Taiwan in the airport! 
    • Duty4Taiwan: Accumulating the power of 1% 
    • EVERRICH Bear X—EVERRICH’s best spokesbear.