Happy Chinese New Year! Luxury Car Lucky Draw
Period  |  2019.02.01-2019.03.31

SPEND & WIN! Any purchase above NT$2,019 at Ever Rich Stores or everrich.com gets a draw to win a Mercedes-Benz A-Class or C-Class car. Submit the lucky draw online with your passport name, telephone number, sales invoice number, date and amount of purchase, to be a potential winner of this Lucky Draw.

Promotion Registration:

Terms and Conditions
1. Purchase of tobacco and,medicine products,restaurants,cafes and purchases at Funbox, Go Star Challenge, Tomod's and in89 Cinemax are excluded.
2. Purchase made at everrich.com will automatically enter the draw.
3. Eligibility Rules: Entrants must have successfully completed purchase(s) at Ever Rich Stores or picked up the order(s) placed at everrich.com before 23:59 on the last day of the event (time as recorded by the system) to be eligible.
4. The lucky winners will be drawn by a third-party notary unit.
5. Winners must keep the prize-winning sales invoice undamaged. Loss or incomplete presentation of the sales invoice will be regarded as forfeiture of eligibility for the prize; the sales invoice will not be reissued.
6. If the Winner(s) cannot be contacted due to incorrect or incomplete information entered the draw, or is disqualified for some reason includes to be suspected to deliberately modify the sales invoice or the proof of purchase, Ever Rich DFS Corporation (the “Promoter”) has the right to disregard the draw qualification.
7. The Winner(s) will be contacted within 7 workings days from the date of the Winner Announcement. If the Winner(s) cannot be contacted or fails to complete the documents required by regulations or present the original sales invoice , the winner(s) will be disqualified and will forfeit the prize, and the second-place winner will then receive the prize instead (4 waiting-list candidates winners will be drawn in sequential order.) 
8. The color, accessories and specifications of the vehicle (the ‘Prize’) will be decided by the Promoter. The prize(s) are not transferable, redeemable for cash or exchangeable for any other prize. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize(s) and paying any expenses associated with any prize include prize-winning tax, license plate tax, fuel tax, compulsory insurance, transfer fee, car transportation fee, and extra accessories and so on. A Winner who fails do so, will the winner(s) will be disqualified and will forfeit the prize. Vehicle handover will be dealt by the appointed dealer.
9. According to R.O.C tax regulations, 10% of the prize value must be deducted as a tax when a prize is worth over NT$20,000 in the case of R.O.C citizens and foreigners (who have stayed in Taiwan over 183 days), and 20% deducted for foreigners who have stayed less than 183 days.
10. When collecting the prize, R.O.C citizens and foreigners stayed longer than 183 days should bring their original passport, seal and the original sales invoice, and pay 10% tax. Foreigners stayed less than 183 days should bring their passport and the original sales invoice and pay 20% tax. Failure to pay the tax before collecting the prize will be disqualified and will forfeit the prize. When a winner is unable to collect the prize in person, the immediate family members should present ‘Letter of Authorization’, ‘Proof of Immediate Family Members’ along with the winner’s passport, ID or ARC, seal and the original sales invoice, and deducted tax receipt(s) to collect the prize on his/her behalf.
11. If purchased goods are returned during the Event period, the system will automatically cancel draw eligibility; the purchased products are returned after the prize is claimed, a cost/retail price of the prize must be paid in full by the Winner.
12. By entering the draw, the Winners agree their passport name and part of the phone number will be announced on the official website for prize collection purposes. If the log-in information is incomplete, untrue or breaches this Event’s rules, the Promoter and Mercedes-Benz Taiwan have the right to disqualify the prize winner and reserve the right to pursue legal liability for inappropriate behavior. All entrants agree that the Promoter may collect and use their personal information (i.e. passport name and contact number) for the purposes of the administration of the draw.
13. All information provided by the Winner(s) must be true, complete, and correct in order to claim the prize. If false information is provided, the Promoter has the right to pursue legal liability. If the winner cannot be contacted due to incorrect or incomplete information provided, this will be regarded as forfeiture of the prize; therefore, please must fill in the information carefully. 
14. In case of a dispute, the Website information shall be final. The image(s) shown on the website is for indicative only, the actual prize may differ. The prize(s) cannot be exchanged for other model and specifications, sold, transferred and redeemed for cash.
15. If any incorrect information about 2019 Ever Rich Luxury Car Lucky Draw (the ‘’Event’’) is sent out due to technical reason or any reason not attributable to the Promoter, the Promoter will not bear any legal liability and participants must not object.
16. If the prize is lost, stolen or damaged after the prize has been claimed, the prize will not be replaced. The Promoter is not responsible for future quality guarantee or repair and maintenance of the prize.
17. The Promoter has the right to examine the eligibility of the entrants in this Event. If an entrant is found to be ineligible, the Promoter will disqualify the entrant. 
18. If a winner does not meet the requirements of or agree to the Event regulations, the Promoter reserves the right to forfeiture of eligibility for the prize and participate in this Event and also reserves the right to take legal action in the case of any behavior that disrupts this Event.
19. If for any reason(s), this Event cannot take place, the Prompter has the right to cancel, terminate, alter or suspend it.
20. For matters not covered herein, the Promoter reserves the right to alter, suspend, and interpret this Event and will act in accordance with its regulations and interpretation; the changes will be announced on the Event site without notice.
21. The draw is not open to employees of Ever Rich DFS Corporation and any related companies, agents, consultants or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion.