Limited Offer! Travel with MasterCard's Exclusive
Period  |  2018.03.01-2018.12.31

Ever Rich x MasterCard Offer!
Unitil Dec 31, spend NTD 10,000 or more (after-discount) in single purchase with MasterCard to earn the NTD 300 off reward.


Terms and Conditions
1. Offer is valid at all Ever Rich stores ( excluded.)
2. This offer is only valid for cardholders of MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards issued outside of Taiwan.
3. If the cardholder's consumption reaches the threshold for redemption, the remaining balance cannot be accumulated or deferred.
4. One gift voucher may be redeemed per card per day. Gift voucher will not be given through accumulation.
5. The cumulative amount is limited to the same receipt/EDC credit card slip, and shall not be combined with other receipts/EDC credit card slips.
6. Discounted products, promotional products, and products on sale at Ever Rich all included in the promotion and can be accumulated. The offer is valid when the transaction reaches the threshold after discount.
7. Tobacco, drugs and medicines are not included in this promotion.
8. The gift vouchers are limited.  The promotion will be ended when out of vouchers.   
9. Cardholders are eligible to redeem the voucher when they make transactions and qualified for the promotion scheme in Ever Rich Duty Free during the promotion period.
10.Definition of eligible payment: Using MasterCard card with 5Bin card numbers, with MasterCard logo and make the payment within MasterCard network.  
11. In case the event is cancelled, suspended or terminated; or the terms and conditions must be amended due to legal or governmental requirements, MasterCard Inc. and Ever Rich reserve the rights to modify, delete/add, cancel, suspend, or terminate the terms and condition refer to the promotion.  The amendment related to the promotion shall be announced on mass media without prior notice to the cardholders.
12. Ever Rich and MasterCard Inc. reserves the rights to make the final decision subject to matters, regulations, and interpretations to the terms and conditions of this promotion.