“Ever Rich Mobile Beer Bar” Taipei Sightseeing, Enjoy the Tipsy Journey
Period  |  2019.10.10-2019.12.29

Free shuttle takes you from the Xinyi District to the Neihu Street View

People who are about to travel abroad could come to Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu within 45 days before going abroad. Please take your personal passport and flight information to the customer service counter in the 4F for shopping cards to enjoy our duty-free shopping experience, as if shopping in the boutique department store without a flight time limit.

In order to facilitate passengers to the Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu shopping, we especially collaborate with the Taipei double-decker sightseeing bus to launch a free shuttle service, providing 5 routine daily services and selected Taipei must-go attractions of the Xinyi District for domestic and foreign visitors, including Taipei 101 station, Xinyi Vieshow station and Taipei City Hall MRT station, the very first shopping and urban sightseeing service.


Weekend limited free ride experience with free crossover limited-edition honey beer

The weekends and continuous holidays of 10/10 ~ 12/29, taking the Mobile Beer BAR to the Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu, you could have a glass of free 350ml Everrich x SUNMAIBar crossover limited-edition honey beer.

From 10/10, Everrich and SUNMAI collaborate to create the first crossover “Mobile Beer BAR” wagon, with hand-painted illustration style designs and all-black color with white-line illustrations to have a neon decoration effect, in order to catch the eyes of visitors in the Xinyi District. It will flavor the street culture with a visual tension, expected to become the most eye-catching mobile photo shooting backboard in Xinyi District streets!

*Due to safety concerns, this wagon will not provide standing area and only have seats available. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Double-decker bus surprise activities, play non-stop

Double-decker bus interactive games are held from time to time during this event. Only by completing interactive or assigned tasks, you will receive a mysterious gift.

During this event, Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu plans various theme activities, so visitors not only can shop, but also participate in fashion dress-up, make-up, wine-tasting, fragrance treatment and hand-made snacks, etc.

Moreover, with the bus ticket to consume in the Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu one-day more than NT$6,600, you will receive a voucher to exchange for a SUNMAI 350ml honey beer, effective at the 1st terminal store in Taoyuan Airport and Anhe store. Why not invite your friends to enjoy a bottle of good beer and explore a tipsy shopping journey!

“Prohibition of drink-driving and drinking under the age of 18”