Forefront of Service at Taiwan’s Gate to the World! Ever Rich Duty Free Shop once again awarded with “Best Service in Taiwan” Gold Medal.
Period  |  2019.06.26-2019.06.26


Ever Rich Duty Free Shop has been awarded “Best Service in Taiwan” Gold Medal in the “Outlet/Duty Free Shops” category for two consecutive years. Vice President Samuel Wu pointed out, “In addition to complying with the principles of ‘Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Philanthropy’, the key that our Ever Rich service staff has been able to win the hearts of our customers lies in: 1. Proactively approaching each customer and traveler; and 2. Magnifying the sense of mission while offering our service.”

This year, the Ever Rich Duty Free service staff Liu, Chieh-Ling at Golden Lake Plaza in Kinmen has passed the on-site examination and assessment of an undercover inspector and given the honor of “Top Service Award”. The reason for the award has been explained exactly as proactively offering service for travelers and assisting them to resolve concerns with compassion and sense of mission. This kind of service spirit and attitude shown by each one of our colleagues have been deeply influenced by Ever Rich all-staff volunteering culture and driven devotion in philanthropic works. We are always contributing with love, kindness, and enthusiasm – an “Ever Rich Philosophy” that we have been encouraging ourselves to uphold to. Being an ambassador of Taiwan’s tourism, Ever Rich Duty Free will continue providing warm services to all and devoted to our mission of marketing Taiwan.