Taipei Downtown Store Minquan Store Notice of Store Relocation
Period  |  2019.06.25-2019.08.31

Attention visitors to Taipei! For the purpose of meeting the consumer trends of tourism and considering the locations of each store in Taipei City, our business relocation will be effective from July 1. Taipei Downtown Store Minquan will be moved to and integrated with Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu. Consumers will be provided with a better shopping environment and better service quality!

With the aim of providing services to passengers worldwide, Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu has made an exclusive collaboration with Taipei Sightseeing Bus to provide “complimentary/free-of-charge” shuttle service in downtown Taipei with 5 regular buses daily. The shuttle bus stops at the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall, VIESHOW CINEMAS (Songshou Road), and MRT Taipei City Hall Station Exit 4 (Turn right after exiting, the bus stop is 70 meters from the exit). It’s a new service that combines shopping and downtown sightseeing.

Duty-free shopping has always been an indispensable activity during travel. Once there’s complimentary/free-of-charge shuttle service, your journey will be perfect to the end!

Taipei Flagship Store Neihu Shuttle Bus Schedule:

Taipei 101 Shopping Mall
(Songzhi Road)

(Songshou Road)

MRT Taipei City Hall Station Exit 4
(Turn right after exiting, the bus stop is 70 meters from the exit)

Ever Rich Taipei Downtown Store,

12:20 12:22 12:27 13:20
13:50 13:52 13:57 14:50
15:30 15:32 15:37 16:30
17:00 17:02 17:07 17:50
18:30 18:32 18:37 19:30


  1. The time of arrival or departure depends on the actual road traffic situation.
  2. The shuttle bus service is an all-year-round service. In the event of natural disasters or unavoidable factors, the bus will be completely suspended for the whole day in accordance with the calling off work announcement by the Taipei City Government.
  3. Before setting off for shopping, please ensure that you have your passport or your Exit & Entry Permit for the Taiwan Area of the Republic of China, as well as flight information. (Either an image file or a hard copy is fine.)


Traffic information between Taipei Downtown Store Minquan and Taipei Flagship Store Neihu

  • By Bus

Go to “Minquan Fuxing Road Intersection” to take Bus 214, or 617 (route to Tri-Service General Hospital), or Minquan Line and get off at “Neihu Admin. Building”. It takes an 8-minute walk to reach the store.

  • By Driving/Taking a Taxi

Take the route passing Sec. 3 Minquan East. Road, Sec. 4 Minquan East Road, and Minquan Bridge in the direction toward Jinzhuang Road in Neihu District. Make a right turn at Jinzhuang Road and drive for about 12 minutes.

  • Parking Information

There is a car parking lot, free of charge.

There are on-street zone motorcycle parking spaces in the neighborhood.