【exhibition】In Land We Trust
Period  |  2024.01.08-2024.05.07

In Land We Trust

From sunrise to sunset,

by your side I remain,

Through fruitful harvests and scanty gain.


Gratitude to our sky,

and to you I express,

Facing cold winds, enduring the sun's harsh caress.


In gusts of wind,

I stand as your shield,

In raindrop showers,

in your fields they yield.


From early mornings to nights so late,

Unwavering diligence, it’s their steadfast trait.


No matter the yield, in our land we stay close,

As time unfolds,

our connection grows,

Through thick and thin,

forever in tow,

Your essence lingers,

in the air it flows.


 Cherishing our Taiwanese values so true,

The land where our bonds renew.


Location: Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1, Art Gallery Area A&A9

Instructed by: Taoyuan International Airport

Organized by: Ever Rich Foundation

Co-Organized by: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop