The New Land – Chu Neng-Jong Solo Exhibition
Period  |  2023.07.04-2024.01.03

“The New Land – Chu Neng-Jong Solo Exhibition” displays teacher Chu’s impressive spiritual artworks, demonstrating his higher creativity during his life of seclusion in the countryside of Manzhou Township in Hengchun in recent years. After his life took a sudden, devastating, turn, Chu lost everything; his life fell into silence for a while before the beauty of perseverance emerged quietly.

As well as displaying his artwork in the airport, to share the beautiful scenery of south Taiwan, passengers can also appreciate the beautiful stories of perseverance behind the individual artworks and the artist’s love and wonder of life and land.


Exhibition Title: “The New Land – Chu Neng-Jong Solo Exhibition”


Location:Central Gallery in Kaohsiung International Airport

Supervising Organization: Kaohsiung International Airport

Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation

Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop