Flowing Light and Art
Period  |  2019.10.23-2020.01.30

The theme of the exhibition is “Flowing Light and Art,” created by the artist Huang, Pei-Ying whose roads to creation and styles in different periods of time can be observed here. Her creations usually feature and focus on her concern about social temperature at a certain level; they seem to tell a story in a sophisticated and gentle atmosphere, and introduce each character on the stage of a magnificent drama scene individually. The characters are like us, people living in the same world and breathing the same air. Maybe we can also indulge in similar bubbles of context to search for mutual happiness.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Period: 2019.10.23~2020.01.30

Place: Cultural Sqaure, 5F, Taipei Downtown Store,Neihu

Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop