Towards Art Stream-Teacher Group Exhibition Department of Visual Communication Chaoyang University of Technology
Period  |  2019.10.01-2019.12.21

Department of Visual Communication Design, Chaoyang University of Technology. Throughout many years, we devoted ourselves to cultivate and promote the design education with countless efforts. The faculty members spent their daily routine in teaching and researching, furthermore, they contribute towards their specialties, sharpening their skill set for the benefit of student learning.

In this group exhibition, “towards art stream” is chosen as the topic to collect works from every member to represent their artistic creation based on their particular fields. It consists of various media including watercolor, oils, Chinese calligraphy, mixed media,  digital image processing, virtual reality, etc. The content demonstrates wide range of multi-face variety as well. We sincerely wish to share with art lovers and those who concern about design education by providing a comfortable and soothing environment within the airport. We welcome your participation and feedback.


Exhibition Period: 2019.10.01~2019.12.31

Exhibition Location: Art Gallery, 3F Departure Hall, Taichung International Airport

Supervisor: Taichung Airport

Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation 、Ever Rich Duty Free Shop