Learning to create a design from tradition
Period  |  2019.07.26-2019.10.30

Cheng Tsung FENG(born 1987) is a Taiwanese young artist. With an old soul in his body, he is fascinated by exploring the wisdom condensed out of time hidden in traditional utensils. He is reluctant to let go of these intangible assets along with traditional utensils. Thus, he inherits them by design and learns to create utensils from their tradition. The exhibition features his large installation art works since 2016. He applied handcrafted methods from traditional artifacts into large-scale installations, making the brilliant ancient wisdom which hidden in the objects can be represent at very different scales and functions. Rebirth is the way he preserves precious traditional culture as an artist.

Exhibition Date: 2019.07.26-2019.10.30

Exhibition Location: C1 Art Gallery, Terminal 2,  Taoyuan International Airport

Supervisor:Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation

Joint-organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop