Whisper- Shih, Hui-Yin’s Ceramic Creation Solo Exhibition
Period  |  2019.07.02-2019.10.02

The pottery artworks being exhibited were created by the artist from 2007 to 2019. They feature individual, creative characteristics, such as the use of simple freehand lines which imply a profound life philosophy. The combination of Buddhism and art infuse these artworks with both life and spirituality. Among her creations, many artworks feature portraits, such as Shadow Series No.1. This piece shows that between people and shadows, the reflected figure appears like a giant in front of the eyes looking at one’s real self. As Murakami Haruki said in 2016, “Just as everyone has a shadow, each society or country also has its own shadow. Where there is a bright side, there’s a side so dazzling and bright that it can complement the corresponding silhouette of darkness.” Such in-depth personal observation comes by being true to oneself. There is a deep connection between viewing and being viewed, and it is hoped that while visitors are admiring the artwork, they can also savor the artist’s interpretation of life as well as the implications of each piece.


Exhibition Period: 2019.07.02~2019.10.02

Exhibition Location: Art Gallery, 3F Departure Hall, Taichung International Airport

Supervisor: Taichung Airport

Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation 、Ever Rich Duty Free Shop