Watercolor Ease – Exhibition of Four Kaohsiung Watercolor Painters
Period  |  2019.06.25-2019.09.23

Located south of the Tropic of Cancer, Kaohsiung faces the Taiwan Strait to the west and the Bashi Channel to the south. With four distinct seasons, its weather is mild and comfortable. These ideal conditions provide magnificent landscapes and sea views which create a friendly and inviting impression. In this beautiful city, there is a salty sea breeze, azure skies, clear waters, red-hot kilns, piers laden with stories, and coastlines roaring with waves.

In “Watercolor Ease – Exhibition of Four Kaohsiung Watercolor Painters”, four renowned watercolor artists were invited to exhibit their works in the Central Gallery: Chen, Wen-Lung, Wen, Jui-Ho, Shen, Chien-Yu, and Ting, Shui-Chuan. Their superb watercolor skills capture the magnificent landscapes and sea views of Love River, Kaohsiung Harbor, Hamaxing, Kezailiao, the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, and many more. Their paintings also capture everyday life around the seafronts, dock yards, kilns, fish markets, and beyond.


In the “Watercolor Ease – Exhibition of Four Kaohsiung Watercolor Painters”, four watercolors artists have captured scenes in southern Taiwan and Kaohsiung in different times and places through their brushes and mind’s eye. Visitors will feel the passion of Kaohsiung through these depictions, in turn leaving a deep impression of the region’s natural and urban habitats.


Exhibition Title:“Small Room in Southern Island and Sunny Days” Huang-Shiang’s Sole Creative Exhibition

Exhibition Date:2019.06.25~2019.09.23

Location:Central Gallery in Kaohsiung International Airport

Supervising Organization: Kaohsiung International Airport

Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation

Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop