Jadeite Celadon- Solo Exhibition of Ho, Chih-Lung’s Art Creations
Period  |  2019.05.22-2019.08.22

This exhibition presents a new realm in the history of wood-fired natural-plant-grey glaze celadon technology. It is indeed the highlight of Taiwan to show Taiwan’s superb ceramic technology. Following the way of ancient kiln burning, innovative techniques and new varieties of ceramics were created. In 2016, he went to the Beijing Palace Museum and was affirmed by Keng, Pao-Chang, the ceramics justification expert. Ever Rich has been promoting local art and culture of Taiwan for a long time. Through the exhibition of these contemporary original works of art, visitors can feel the innovations and characteristics of Taiwan’s works of art.

Exhibition Title:Jadeite Celadon- Solo Exhibition of Ho, Chih-Lung’s Art Creations
Exhibition Date:May 22, 2019 - Aug 22, 2019
Exhibition Location:Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu
Supervisor:Ever Rich Duty Free Shop
Co-organizer:Ever Rich Foundation