KAMPO - Another Interesting Aspect of The City Is The Culture of Traditional Medicine
Period  |  2019.03.14-2019.06.14

Another interesting aspect of the city is the culture of traditional medicine. 

Chinese medicine has a long history for millennia, and it keeps up with the changes with time. Chinese medicine not only affects medical health, but also the food, clothing, living, and behavior of Taiwanese people and thus evolves into culture. A culture that presents different perspectives of Taiwan. The theme of the exhibition is 'KAMPO', which reflects the details and habits of life from the way of Chinese medicine practitioners. In the eyes of Chinese medicine, everything on the earth could be a medicine. In the exhibition, you can see the most original appearance of Chinese herbal medicines and meet yourself with the spirit. 

This exhibition invites Japanese architect Kazuya Katagiri to deconstruct traditional Chinese herbal medicines, present the traditional Chinese medicine with space aesthetics, shape the world view of Kampo and experience the new and old Chinese medicines. 

Everrich has been deeply immersed in the local living for a long time, paying attention to traditional culture and tourism development. Together with Essentia, introducing the traditional culture to tourists from all over the world.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: Cultural Gallery, Terminal 1, Taipei Songshan Airport
Supervisor: Taipei International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation, Essentia
Co-Organize: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop