Hsing-Han Fu's Special Creation Exhibition
Period  |  2019.01.18-2019.04.19

The oriental lion dance culture features rich mythical colors of legends. In the past, cultures of such kind were used for avoiding evil spirits as well as propitious presentations. Bringing good luck and fortune have become a kind of competition, and they have made a splash in the world. On the roofs of temples everywhere, it's easy to find beast-shaped art creations, including the Kinmen Wind Lion God, which has become a renowned landmark. 

Taiwan, a beautiful island which used to be called Formosa, has numerous indicative indigenous animal species in the mountains. The exhibition inspired by the indigenous animal species integrates the eastern and the contemporary artistic methods to re-interpret the creative reuse fine art that combines Taiwan's cultural creativities. 

Ever Rich has invited the Artist Hsing-Han Fu who will make the world feel the reborn vitality through these re-creations, and travelers will directly feel the cultural combination and breakthrough by visual experience.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: B7 Art Gallery, Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport
Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Joint-organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop