Hsi Chen's Solo Exhibition
Period  |  2019.01.02-2019.04.02

The exhibition happens to be scheduled at the same time as the 2018 Taichung World Floral Exposition. In response to the grand event, the artworks in the exhibition have taken the mascots Leopard Cat Family and Omi Horse as the themes with the integration of floral images, such as flamingo flower and lily, as well as famous tourists' attractions in Taichung City, such as Houfeng Bikeway and Gaomei Wetlands that are concurrently presented with drawings of a variety of flowers in the pieces of a heart touching paintings.

Artist Chen, Hsi likes Van Gogh's strong and heavy color expressions, and she can present the blazing heat in life by using acrylic paints in her creation. In the process of painting, she has upheld a heart of exploration, whether imitating or making creation, the inspiration occasionally coming from nowhere will be involuntarily brought into her paintings. It's hoped to bring people warm, dreamful, and heart yearning senses through the paintings, and enable people to travel freely in the atmosphere inside the paintings. Let's walk into the world of flowers created by the artist.


Exhibition Location: Art Gallery,Taichung International Airport
Supervisor: Taichung International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Ever Rich Foundation