Chao-Long Ni's Individual Exhibition
Period  |  2018.12.28-2019.03.21

Artist Chao-Long Ni once said, 'Painting is an endless journey. Walking on it, I have no regret. My pursuit of art and aesthetics remains the same as it did at the very beginning.' Ni excels in both printmaking and oil painting. He applied wild and sharp strokes in his early woodcuts. He later turned to water-based printmaking, the fineness and neatness of which enabled him to achieve his own unique, thoughtful ink wash woodcut style. As for his oil paintings, they’re based on his feelings and memories of having roamed the world and seen its diversity. With his own painting language and style, he depicts the world with strong modernity.


Location: Central Gallery, Kaohsiung International Airport
Supervisor: Kaohsiung International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop