A Conceptual Exhibition by the National Museum of History
Period  |  2018.10.05-2019.03.29

'When our steps go too fast, our bodies will become fragile and our lives will be too short. But time is just like a huge wave washing the dust, layer by layer, until the glory of essence is exposed.' - Sanyu

The National Museum of History will be closed for 3 years for refurbishment starting from this July. 'Purely Sanyu' is a conceptual exhibition sponsored by the National Museum of History to interpret the mindscape purely from the artist’s perspective. Each work, completed with the purest concept, allows visitors to know more about the stories behind. Ever Rich Duty Free Shop aims to promote culture with the collections in Taiwan. In this occasion, it collaborates with the National Museum of History to present an international classic art theme exhibition – Sanyu. With the pureness specialized in by the artist, it aims to mark a pause for the 63 years of history of the National Museum of History and to conserve the pureness for the new scene 3 years from now.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: National Taiwan Museum Shop in Zone C, Terminal 2, Taoyuan Int'l Airport
Supervisor: Ministry Of Culture, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop
Joint-Organizer: The National Museum