Chieh-Yi Lin's Fiber Dyeing & Weaving Art Exhibition
Period  |  2018.09.21-2018.12.28

Chieh-Yi Lin focuses on fiber dyeing and weaving art creation, where she demonstrates profound tranquility, as well as the variations between dark and pale blue-white color shadings using printing techniques or through traditional artistic blue-dyeing (glutinous rice dyeing). She also presents using different techniques including screen-printing, glutinous rice dyeing, embroidery, hot foil stamping, printing...etc., combining geometric lines, prints and totems with traditional dyed textiles, applying unique material skills and warm colors to demonstrate the impacting contrast, endowing traditional natural dyeing with new ideas and creations, as well as designing fiber weaving products featuring “Traditional Cultural Characteristics”, thereby allowing traditional culture to return to its origin in search of the most initial simplicity and heart-warming sentiment.

Chieh-Yi Lin Fiber Dyeing & Weaving Art Exhibition is expecting to exhibit 26 pieces of fiber dyeing & weaving artworks, hoping to unveil the interaction, connection, and resplendence between the world’s fiber craftwork and art through these works, which is worthy for us to admire and explore.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: Central Gallery, Kaohsiung International Airport
Supervisor: Kaohsiung International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop