Taiwan's Ghost Literature Exhibition
Period  |  2018.09.10-2019.03.29

In Taiwan's history dating back centuries ago, it was located in the dark, between the mountains and seas, in which legends of ghosts and goblins were frequently heard. From time to time, ghosts were regarded as the spirits of people wandering around after death. As to goblins, they have even more imagination. Some of them may have a strange appearance, transformed from animals and plants. Or they can hardly be categorized. No matter whether they are indigenous peoples, Han Chinese, or Japanese, there are legends of ghosts and goblins spreading around on this island. In the form of folk literature or the writing, they are passed down to us in words and printed materials.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: C5 e-Library Waiting Lounge, Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport
Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop
Co- Organizer: National Museum of Taiwan Literature