New brand debut - Luxury skin care brand “ELEMIS”
Period  |  2023.04.01-2025.08.31

ELEMIS, the number one luxury skincare brand from the UK, is beloved by Hollywood celebrities. The brand’s background in aromatherapy is combined with science to maximize the healing and effectiveness of skincare, with the ultimate goal of “turning home skincare into a spa experience”!

ELEMIS has been awarded “Best British Brand” in the first CEW Beauty Awards and “Best Quality Skincare Brand” by the Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Starting from April, the brand is available at the #Ever Rich Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2, Ever Rich Duty Free Online website, and Ever Rich Home Accessories website.

We highly recommend the new airport-exclusive set offered with the debut of the brand.

Available at:

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2
Ever Rich Duty Free Online
Ever Rich To Home