Period  |  2018.07.06-2018.10.11

Inspired by indigenous people in Taiwan, 2018 EVERRICH EVERART shows aboriginal cultures and lifestyles in the form of contemporary arts. We invite Indigenous People Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with Fe Jen Catholic University, professor Ken-Tsai Lee and other aboriginal artists to bring you arts that have been cultivated by different ethnic groups in Taiwan – artwork that inherits the traditions and cultures of Taiwan's and flourishes aesthetics for generations.

The theme of this year's EVERRICH EVERART is Cultural Symbiotism. It's the conceptual blending of culture, ethnicity and lifestyle. Based on Taiwan's geographic regions, we give you 'South – the Origin', presented in woodcut, 'Center – the Transformation' , presented in two and three-dimensional artwork and 'North – the Modernization' in clothing artifacts. They represent the heritage, the rebirth and the reinvention of diverse cultures in Taiwan and the harmonic coexistence.


Time Location
2018.07.06~2018.09.21 Central Gallery (Kaohsiung Int'l Airport)
2018.07.13~2018.10.04 Next to the Kiosk in the Departure Area and  Landscape Lounge (Taichung Int'l Airport)
2018.07.16~2018.10.09 Next to Information Center,International Line Departure Area (Taipei Int'l Airport)
2018.07.20~2018.10.11 Departure Hall and  Art Gallery A9, Zone A (Taoyuan Int'l Airport,Terminal 1)
Departure Hall (Taoyuan Int'l Airport,Terminal 2)

▲A photo of the exhibition (Taipei Int'l Airport, Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Taichung Int'l Airport, Kaohsiung Int'l Airport)

Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Taipei International Airport, Taichung International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation, Fu Jen University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology