The Beauty of Taiwan Touring Exhibition
Period  |  2018.06.01-2019.03.12

Ever Rich Jewelry's the Beauty of Taiwan Touring Exhibition showcases the distinguished designs from Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award. The two themes, 'Modern Beauty of Taiwan' and 'Classic Beauty of Taiwan' are portrayed through the originative engineering of each piece.

The 1st Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award, held in October 2017, attracted over 500 designs from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and France, and made the award one of the most participated jewelry design contests in the world!

The Beauty of Taiwan Touring Exhibition displays 26 designs that depict interpretations of Taiwan's beauty and incorporate elements of the country's indigeneity, nature, architecture, arts and culture. Each jewelry piece tells its own story and conveys the emotions of the designer's.

Watch the following video to learn about Ever Rich Jewelry Design Award!

The Beauty of Taiwan Touring Exhibition- Time & Location




Culture Square (Ever Rich's Taipei Downtown Store, Neihu, 5th floor)


Art Gallery C1 (Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Terminal 2)


Art Gallery (Taipei Songshan Int'l Airport, Terminal 1 Departure)