Chan-Cheng Cho Mosaic Creation Exhibition
Period  |  2018.06.05-2018.09.30

Stained Glass Art has close to a century of history in Taiwan, and was applied to church or indoor decorations during the early days in the West. The production method uses colored glass, which is then created purely by hand through cutting, polishing and wrapping with copper foil or a lead frame. Stained glasswork art is applied to graphical, 3D and public artworks, etc. through the ingenious hands of artists, and is also composed of various types and specs of glass, therefore each piece is a highly unique creation.

The works exhibited this time were creations by artist Chan-Cheng Cho in 2010, covering 22 pieces of stained glass artworks. Based on the main creative concept of "spring, summer, fall and winter" as well as "various types of flowers", the works are presented in different approaches including hollow-out, geometric patterns and inlay…etc., thereby enhancing the artistic state of stained glass through different techniques. With this year also being the year for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, other than celebrating the arrival of this grand event, it is also hoped that each and every traveler visiting Taichung will be able to admire the flower artworks at the airport created by the artist using stained glass.


Exhibition Location: Art Gallery,Taichung Int'l Airport
Supervisor: Taichung International Airport
Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop