The Power of Faith - Casper Wang Photography Exhibition
Period  |  2020.03.06-2024.06.30

The Mazu Pilgrimage is an annual religious event in Taiwan. In 2010, the Mazu Pilgrimage was listed by UNESCO as an entry in its Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. As the saying goes, “The Third Month is for Mazu.” Before every 23rd day of the lunar calendar’s third month (Mazu’s Birthday), thousands of Mazu temples in Taiwan hold grand ceremonies to celebrate the Goddess’ Birthday. Among the various types of celebrations for Mazu, the largest and most well-known one is the Mazu Pilgrimage at Taichung’s Dajia Jenn Lann Temple. This year’s Pilgrimage cooperated with up-and-coming Taiwanese photographer Casper Wang to record the uniqueness of the Mazu Pilgrimage such as the prayers for safety, seating of the gods, the beginning of the Pilgrimage, resting the sacred chair, and prayers of blessing. All of these beautiful scenes from Taiwan’s unique Mazu Pilgrimage will be recorded using stylish photography techniques and technology, and shared with people domestically and internationally.

Exhibition Period: until 2021.06.30

Exhibition Location: Art Gallery, 3F Departure Hall, Taichung International Airport

Supervisor: Taichung Airport

Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation、CASPER

Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop