Taking up the “Trash Tag Challenge” to clean up Taiwan
Period  |  2019.04.22-2019.09.30

Every year, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop organizes up to 500 employee volunteer events to realize the Group’s core value of “Driving Community Service for the Benefit of the Public”. Ever Rich employees participate in these “Employee Volunteer” events purely on a voluntary basis. This year (2019), from April 22 (Earth Day) through to September 30, Ever Rich responded to critical messages on global warming and the effects on land-based and marine ecological systems, deploying 7,000 co-workers from across Taiwan to take part in 305 events from the northern to the southern part of Taiwan; and from the eastern coastline to the outlying islands. Stretched over a five-month period, these large-scale “Trash Tag Challenge” events included beach cleanup, mountain cleanup, and community cleanup of a total of 11,000 kilograms of environmental waste. Applying the concept of virtual-real community service, the achievements of the actual activities were posted with the ever-popular social media “#Trashtag” as encouragement and also to stimulate further interest in environmental protection. The large-scale program was dubbed the most widespread “environmental cleanup” community service program organized by a single company in Taiwan.

Creative and Fun Modern Community Services – the achievements video was very well-received, with more than 300,000 views within two weeks.

In addition to the actual “environmental cleanup” activities, the Ever Rich program of “Trash Tag Challenge” leveraged social media to create a brand new model to promote the concepts of community service. First, we pushed the international social hashtag “#Trashtag” to raise awareness of the initiatives pertaining to community services and uploaded funny pictures of the activities to stimulate online sharing and discussion. The video that recorded all the activities was very well-received with excellent feedback from netizens. Within wo weeks after it was uploaded, the number of views totaled more than 300,000, with shares in the hundreds and likes in the thousands.

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Ever Rich Walks the Talk in Response to the UN’s SDGs Environmental Protection Initiatives

Since its inception 25 years ago, Ever Rich has continually demonstrated its spirit of “Benefitting Others”. Executing their core value of “Driving Community Service for the Benefit of the Public”, the Company has not only taken the lead in participating in activities associated with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but also responded actively to the 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives put forward by the UN.