Everrich Duty Free hosts Christmas Caroling Event, joining hands with underprivileged children to spread love and warmth
Period  |  2023.12.20-2024.12.25

As the Christmas season approaches, Everrich Duty Free has been dedicated to create a warm festive ambiance at the airport. Over the years, it has consistently organized various celebratory events to enliven the airport atmosphere, offering travelers a delightful airport experience. Today, in the air side of Terminal 2 at Taoyuan Airport, the "Melody of Love - Christmas Caroling" event took place. Extending Ever Rich’s commitment to help underprivileged groups, the event invited the Ben Gang Elementary School Choir from the rural area of Taoyuan City to sing the carol in front of the tallest Christmas tree at Taoyuan International Airport set by Everrich Duty Free.

Everrich Duty Free has always adhered to the concept of "public service-oriented, benefiting the public." It has long been committed to social welfare and caring for vulnerable groups, aiming to spread love to those in need, especially during the Christmas season. Ben Gang Elementary School is a typical rural school with fewer than a hundred students due to geographical constraints. Despite this, they established a choir to foster self-identity through performances both within and outside the school six years ago.

The children had a rare opportunity to perform Christmas blessing songs at the airport for international travelers at the gateway. The heartfelt performance earned them enthusiastic applause from the travelers and airport directors. Additionally, Everrich took this chance to donate funds to the School, extending the love and blessings of Christmas to those in need, actively giving back to society.

Kevin Chiang, the President of Everrich, expressed, ' it's heartening to once again able to spend a warm Christmas with travelers after three years of Covid-19 challenges. We're immensely grateful for the continuous support from Taoyuan Airport Corporation and related entities. Everrich will continue to uphold a customer-centric approach, consistently enhancing the traveler experience, steadfast in our commitment to social welfare. We also look forward to further collaboration with Taoyuan International Airport in the future, aiming to achieve more successes on the international stage.'"

To create unforgettable memories for travelers at Taiwan's airport gateway, Everrich has set the tallest 8-meter silver-white Christmas tree in the departure area of Terminal 2, becoming the most eye-catching centerpiece of the airport. Furthermore, in collaboration with the CookieRun GingerBrave mobile game characters, various lively and adorable Christmas decorations and scenes have been set up throughout Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, fostering a festive atmosphere and becoming popular photo spots for travelers. On the day of the event, Everrich President, Kevin Chiang, Taoyuan Airport Corporation Chairman, Wei-fu Yang, CEO, Hsiao-lun, Fan, along with chiefs from aviation police, customs, and immigration, raised their glasses in anticipation, aiming for a passenger throughput surpassing 40 million in 2024.