ESG in Shopping! everrich Receives First Prize Honor for the “Buying Power Award”.
Period  |  2023.12.15-2024.12.31

With global climate change, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and sustainable development have become global trends. everrich has long practiced the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concept, emphasizing environmental protection and philanthropic activities. Particularly in 2023, the “everrich 1%” initiative was launched, encouraging everyone to contribute “1% of time, 1% of resources, and 1% of influence” to practice ESG, collectively responding to environmental friendliness and shouldering social responsibility.

Due to everrich’s active commitment of 1% resources, products from brands “A Chosen Future” recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, such as Cha Tzu Tang, Blueseeds, TAGather Goods, and Chef Clean, are sold through everrich’s major channels. This not only promotes more socially innovation enterprises but also allows consumers to practice ESG through their purchases. This aligns with the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ concept of “Buying Power: Introduction to the Reward Mechanism for Procurement of Socially Innovative Products and Services”, with everrich winning the first prize in its first participation and receiving an award in December 2023.


As of November 2023, everrich’s employees have contributed over 32,400 hours of volunteer work, giving back to society with 1% of their time. Employees actively involve their families and friends, embodying a shared commitment to a “volunteer culture for all”. everrich also actively invites members and consumers to participate in activities like beach cleanups, encourages environmentally friendly practices such as not using paper bags in shopping, and rewards points for such actions. Green consumption is one way the public can collectively respond to ESG, utilizing our 1% influence to accumulate and exert a greater impact.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, consist of 17 goals aimed at fulfilling the UN’s mission to create a peaceful, secure, prosperous, and just world. Green procurement and consumption contribute to SDG 12, “Responsible Consumption and Production”. When making everyday purchases, individuals can choose businesses and products that are beneficial to society and environmentally friendly. The 1% effort we each contribute has the power to change the world.