Ever Rich's Project Spectrum – Charitable Tourism Camp for College Students
Period  |  2018.02.26-2018.07.27

Project Spectrum connotes the concept of combining colors in the making of light. The three primary colors – red, green and blue create infinite possibilities of colors and the light in all our lives. Red is the color of the passion in our college students; green is the sprout-like embodiment of our junior high school students; blue represents the hard work the Ever Rich team thrives. Together, we can ignite the light and make the future shine.

The 3rd Project Spectrum has officially commenced in March, 2018. More than 40 teams of students from colleges across the country are competing to win the prize and have their plans commissioned. This year, we have selected two non-metropolitan/non-rural schools in Penghu and Taoyuan that are in need of resources to be the recipients of our philanthropic deeds. Winner teams will lend their help and organize camps for students at the two schools.

The key elements of this project, voted for on May 9th & 11th, are 'international tourism', 'local characteristics', 'needs of the students' and 'philanthropism'. Two winning teams will be selected in May and given over 1-month time to prepare and finalize their plans for the camp. The 4-day charitable tourism camp will take places at National Penghu University of Science and Technology in Penghu from July 10th to July 13th and at Dong An Junior High School in Taoyuan from July 24th to July 27th. The camp will also include Ever Rich Duty Free Shop's world-renowned etiquette and culinary classes so our youngsters can learn about practical skills, tourism and other life lessons in a fun environment.

Ever Rich and Chiang Su Sun Education Foundation will continue Project Spectrum of charitable tourism camp so our resources can reach students in need, schools that are non-metropolitan/non-rural. Project Spectrum wants to pay love forward and realize Ever Rich's belief in 'Serving Our Community and Benefiting the Public'.

▲A photo at the event