Editors' Choice
Editors' Choice
4everrich – The Hero In the Airport

Ever Rich designed four mascots with reference to four rare species in Taiwan. They are Syrmaticus Mikado – SHINE SHINE, Formosan Blue Magpie – BLUE, Formosan sika deer – XIN XIN, and Taiwanese macaque – A MOMO, who formed the team '4everrich' (aka For Everrich). They are the mascots endorsing Ever Rich. They represent the managerial ideals of Ever Rich: “honesty, professional, innovation, and charity” respectively. With these cute and lovely mascots, the ideals of Ever Rich will be communicated to the public. 4everrich also allows these ideals to take root in people's mind, better than words, and have them fulfilled in real life.
Collaborating with 'Jean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd.', a renowned creative cultural brand in Taiwan, we presented a series of 4everrich – airport heroes' merchandise. Using warm and quality wood, unique music boxes, business card holders, perpetual calendars, pen holders, and desktop items are made with fine artisanship. Placing these cute items with childish innocence on your desk, they heal your mood every day.

With the Taiwanese macaque as its prototype, in ordinary times, A MOMO is a ground staff. During weekends and holidays, it will put on a yellow vest to engage in charity works. Enthusiastic A MOMO will help visitors protect their suitcases packed with memories of their trips. And his good friend Memo always joins him in this mission too. (Memo is a magnet. It can be used as a memo clip as well.)
On the body of this Formosan sika deer, there are six heart-shape patterns, representing Ever Rich's six-heart class spirit of service. XIN XIN walks around the airport every day to serve people. Facing people's difficulties and problems, it always finds ways to make breakthroughs by presenting hearty services. XIN XIN's favorite is Taiwanese snacks. Standing in front of the snack stall, it invites you to taste steamed pork dumplings and pearl milk tea.
CAPTAIN BLUE is a Formosan Blue Magpie. As a captain, he has professional leadership abilities, leading the team 4everrich to serve each visitor in the airport enthusiastically. Let the cute Captain Blue flip over the space of everyday life. As he swings his hands and turn his body, he is eager to accompany you to expect everyday with a good mood.