Editors' Choice
Editors' Choice
Ever Rich Jewelry

Established in 2011, Ever Rich Jewelry carries designs that convey the nature beauty of Taiwan, inherit the abundance of culture and humanity of the island. At Ever Rich Jewelry, we capture the eternal grace of Taiwan in timeless pieces.

Ever Rich Jewelry brings elegance and sophistication in our designs. The use of high quality natural gemstones and esteemed metals makes our jewelries one of the finest. Our collections are themed with abstractions of Taiwan; of her beauty and originality. Collections include Tamsui, Vernicia Fordii, Butterfly, Formosa Blue Magpie, Alishan and Taroko. Ever Rich Jewelry preserves the beauty of Formosa in the timeless piece you wear on your neck. 

Tamsui-Forever Love Collection
Romantic sunset and waterfront view, Tamsui has inspired strokes on canvas by many painters. Red brick houses and the rich history; veteran shophouses and the mottled paint, Tamsui is a town full of culture and history of its own.
Vernicia Fordii Collection
During the change of seasons, spring and summer bring the blossoms out of vernicia fordii. The flowers of tung tree bend to the wind of summer and ride the breeze of spring, are scattered as if it has snowed in mountains. It's a poem with a bit of romance that paints the most radiant flower season in Taiwan.
Butterfly Collection
Butterflies are the embodiment of natures in Taiwan; along rivers, in mountains and valleys, they are to be seen everywhere on the island. Butterflies are the colorful accessories nature wears like the jewelries you wear to complete your ensemble.

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