“Be a Giver” - Children and the Elderly Giving Blessings to Each Other
Period  |  2020.01.18-2027.12.31

Cross-Generation Online Streaming - New Year Gift exchange

At the end of each year, the Chairman of Ever Rich, Simon Chiang, sets himself as an example and takes colleagues to make contributions to public welfare. As he does every year, Chairman Chiang set off early to visit disadvantaged families in Taoyuan District and offered them winter necessities, as well as money for the festive season, giving them a warm start to the New Year.

This year, the theme is "Be A Giver". The idea is from the belief of Chairman Simon Chiang, it is a blessing that if you have ability and capable to help people. Ever Rich wishes to convey the concept that minority people should not pity themselves, they actually have power to do many things. Both the orphanage children and the elderly nursing home show their care and blessing by hand-making presents for each other. Not only were the presents hand delivered by Ever Rich staffs, but the process of making the gifts was live-streamed via internet video call. The atmosphere was full of joy and warmth. By holding year-end events such as this, Ever Rich hopes to lift everyone’s spirit and allow them to feel the happiness that giving means more than receiving.

In 2019, Ever Rich staffs spontaneously held nearly 550 charity and community activities, implemented the core philosophy of Ever Rich Duty Free business, "Public service oriented, benefit the public as its purpose". Chairman Chiang often said, "Being able to help those in need, life will be more content. Let’s give back to society together, uphold goodness, and become each other's GIVER!

The process of making and delivering presents was being live-streamed via online video. The elderly are writing Spring Festival Couplets for children.

Chairman Simon joining the elderly for an early New Year’s Eve dinner.

The children of Lohas Preschool in Pingzhen are ecstatic upon receiving the couplets. They wish the grandparents a happy new year through online video.