2020 “Dedication to Perfection” – EVERRICH promotes Taiwan with sports
Period  |  2020.01.01-2020.12.31

Administration of Sports gives award to Ever Rich Duty Free due to the support to the participation of Taiwan’s athletes in Olympic Games


EVERRICH has insisted on doing good for the society. Contributing to sports in Taiwan continuously, it helps sports develop with actions. This year, it will collaborate with the Sports Administration, MOE to support a few of the top athletes through the “Sports Sponsoring Database Matching Platform.” It expects to help more potential athletes to challenge higher levels in sports without any worries, or without being limited by the lack of resources or the environment. Because of EVERRICH’s incessant contributions to sports in Taiwan and help in sports development through action, the Sports Administration, MOE awarded the company a certificate of gratitude, expressing its gratitude to the enterprise that is helping cultivate good athletes.   



Twelve teams of top athletes and EVERRICH collaborate to interpret the athletes’ spirit of service perfectly


For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, EVERRICH supports potential athletes through the Sports Matching Platform to release the 2020 calendar with the theme of “Endeavor Makes Perfect”, incuding12 sets of photos of rising athletes, who are endorsing 12 brands, to express the 12 aspects of the athletes’ spirit of service and illuminate such athletes’ spirit through the service values of enterprises. With actual support to sports, it is expected to provide more opportunities for athletes to perform brilliantly in the international arena. EVERRICH will continue to support more potential athletes and rising sport stars to encourage more people to represent Taiwan and to glow in the international arena!