WOW SHOW TIME 2019Everrich Everart
Period  |  2019.08.13-2019.08.30

The 5th Everrich Everart, which is jointly held with Taiwan’s innovative art team WowTaiwan as the co-organizer, as well as by means of Dynamic Performing Art that takes the international airport as the stage and international passengers as the audience, will demonstrate to the world humanistic versatility and build up the value of “sustainable art, a shared good future” with the aim of bringing passengers worldwide the most different boarding experiences.

About WowTaiwan

With the dedication via performing art and contemporary installation art to expose Taiwan’s traditional literacy and the culture of the young generation, the natural landscape of the island as well as the urban culture can be exposed to the world; the creation focuses on the concepts of “sustainable development” and “circular economy”. The “WowTaiwan 2018! a stunning project in New York”, a piece of installation art designed for the art museum of The City University of New York, has been relocated at each major tourist attraction in New York City to promote Taiwanese culture via action art. In addition, with the “Reborn Festival” held in New Taipei City in the same year, WowTaiwan has perfectly made an integration of installation art, performance art, and pop music. “The Touring Project of Reborn 2019” now has continued progress.


About Everrich Everart

Ever Rich has committed to long-term involvement with social public welfare and nurturing culture and the arts on the basis of core values, giving appreciation, and making contributions to the society. Since 2015, we started Everrich Everart, an art festival in a versatile form to make passengers worldwide engaged in the atmosphere of art appreciation and dynamic performance that will lead them to experience the soft power of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries.