Aces’ Future Dining Table
Period  |  2024.01.27-2024.05.27

《Aces’ Future Dining Table》is brought by representatives of《Becoming Aces》, an annual event held by TNL Media Group. They are all not only young local agriculture producers but also advocators of various activities in all fields: Sustainable agriculture products, fish-eating education, traditional sauce making and fruit planting craftsmanship. They take on local challenges, and strive to make breakthroughs or innovations. 《Aces’ Future Dining Table》is more than the taste of food, but future of Taiwan’s younger generations.





Location: Taoyuan International Airport, Terminal 1, Art Gallery Area B

Instructed by: Taoyuan International Airport

Organized by: Ever Rich Foundation

Co-Organized by: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop、TNL Mediagene、Becoming Aces