everrich and Taoyuan International Airport Corporation: A Public-Private Partnership Demonstrating Professionalism and Dedicated Marketing of Taiwan
Period  |  2023.11.19-2025.04.30


According to statistics from the 2019 Airports Council International, Taoyuan International Airport ranked 9th globally in cargo volume and 10th globally in international passenger volume. In the year preceding the pandemic, it recorded a travel volume exceeding 40 million passengers, significantly surpassing the capacity limit set over 40 years ago.

To offer passengers a more comfortable and high-quality airport experience, Taoyuan International Airport collaborated with everrich in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to commence the expansion and renovation of Terminal 2, Zone C in 2019. The most challenging aspect of this project was resolving how to optimize the overall space and passenger flow within the airport’s unique architectural structure. This required a smart and thoughtful approach, to avoid any disruption to airport operations or passenger experience.

Maximizing Capacity at Taoyuan International Airport: A Comprehensive Documentation of the Expansion and Renovation Process

This complex and challenging reconstruction project has garnered international attention, with a film crew from the renowned documentary channel Discovery conducting on-site filming and interviews in 2019. The crew diligently captured how Taoyuan International Airport, in collaboration with everrich, strategically allocated tasks, employed intelligent thinking, and utilized technology to revamp Terminal 2. The new design also seamlessly integrated distinctive Taiwanese cultural features, propelling Taoyuan International Airport to the forefront as a global gateway. In recognition of these efforts, the airport received the DFNI Award for “Best New Shop Opening” in 2020. Taoyuan International Airport has further bolstered its operational intelligence with an enhanced passenger check-in system and AI-driven baggage handling, swiftly alleviating mounting pressures on passenger and cargo volumes and ensuring a superior travel experience for passengers. The documentary, titled “X-Ray Smart Airport - Taiwan Taoyuan Airport,” premiered internationally in November 2023.

Emphasizing Detail in the Renovation Process: Integration of Intelligent Thinking

everrich, in collaboration with an international design team, has transformed the central shopping space of Terminal 2 into a sweeping, curved open area. This redesign not only showcases everrich’s diverse range of products but, more importantly, helps disperse foot traffic, creating a more comfortable shopping and traveling experience.

Simultaneously, everrich leveraged its expertise in coordinating with various stationed units. In order to avoid disruption for passengers and airport operations, the expansion and renovation works could only be undertaken within a 4 ½ hour window each day. Using a cantilevered steel structure with no columns, everrich created a brand-new duty-free shopping area and a fourth-floor dining zone in Terminal 2, Zone C.

Incorporating Local Culture, Conveying the Spirit of Taiwan

The mission of everrich is to promote Taiwan and it has, accordingly, invited a range of local artists to create a “Taiwanese Elements” themed ambiance at the airport gateway, shaping an airport with a distinctive Taiwanese character.

Examples include the unique Taiwanese neon light design above the central duty-free shop and the themed restroom “Tea Tasting Zen ” designed by artist Chun-Pin Lin, incorporating Gundam parts. Other themed spaces such as the “Wooderful Land Waiting Lounge” and “Taoli Select,” the most beautiful bookstore at Taoyuan International Airport, have become favorite photo spots for travelers.


everrich collaborates with Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, through a public-private partnership model, to create a mutually beneficial situation, enhancing Taiwan’s competitiveness in tourism and cultivating a high-quality national gateway image. Taoyuan International Airport Corporation affirms everrich’s efforts and emphasizes that airports represent a country’s culture and serve as the first impression for international visitors to Taiwan. The collaboration with everrich in transforming commercial and public facilities not only markets Taiwan through this gateway but also brings other, multifaceted benefits. This unique collaboration has been prominently featured and documented by the internationally renowned documentary channel Discovery, showcasing Taiwan to a global audience.