Ever Rich Duty Free has won the The Best Service in Taiwan Award again
Period  |  2020.07.28-2020.07.28


Ever Rich has won the gold prize in the outlet/duty-free shop industry of “The Best Service in Taiwan” organized by China Times Group for three consecutive years. According to Ever Rich Vice Chairman Samuel Wu, “At the Taiwan gateway frontline, staffs need to show the passion and professional service of Taiwan to worldwide customers and passengers in addition to merely selling goods. The key to customer satisfaction is: first, actively take the initiative to approach every customer in need of service; and second, maximize the sense of service.


The service staff, Yu-Fang Hsu, of Ever Rich Neihu Flagship Shop was highly rated for the onsite evaluation by mystery shoppers this year and won the “Service Elite Award”. According to the organizer, she earned the award for “voluntary assistance in problem-solving for customers”. Ever Rich treats employees as their own family members, and every employee provides customers with heartfelt services. Such service spirit and attitude are the “Ever Rich Spirit” advocated by Ever Rich.


As Taiwan’s tourism ambassador, Ever Rich will devote to make continual improvement and constantly provide warm and heartfelt services based on the branding Taiwan mission.

Attendant Yu-Fang Hsu of Ever Rich Neihu Flagship Store wins the “Service Elite Award”.

National Development Council Minster Ming-Hsin Kung attends the ceremony and presents the award to Ever Rich Vice Chairperson Samuel Wu.

Taipei City Deputy Mayor Vivian Shan-Shan Huang presents the “Service Elite Award”.