The All-New T2 Luxury Boutique Hall at Taoyuan International Airport
Period  |  2020.03.01-2027.12.31

Fashion Gateway x Luxury Brands – Airport’s New Look

Here at Ever Rich, we are responsible for the first impression of our country. Therefore, we have re-planned our duty-free shopping space at Zone C in T2 at Taoyuan International Airport. The space spans 1650 square meters and we have selected nothing but the best from the overall design space to the materials of choice. The special pattern on the ceiling was imported from France, creating a metallic feel that identifies with the luxury brands. The entire area is floored with high-quality golden cloud marble, highlighting the exquisite feel of the space. It is worth mentioning that the Gucci concept store with its two-story exterior is the first specialty store in Taiwan with the design and specification exactly matching their overseas stores. With the dark green tiles matching its Italian imported mosaic marble exterior walls, they give us a different level of visual focus.

GUCCI’s interior layout combines the industrial and the romantic with its walls adorned with greyish-green flannel that connects with the exterior facade, showcasing its modern approach.

Premium Brand Stores – Creating Extraordinary Shopping Experience

This time, Ever Rich introduces 8 international leading luxury brands such as: Gucci, Balenciaga, Moncler, Saint Laurent, TOD’S, CHLOE, Roger Vivier, and Mont Blanc. By building all-new concept specialty stores with world-famous brands, we take travelers to a fashion palace at Taoyuan International Airport.

BALENCIAGA is one of the brands that is entering the duty-free market for the first time. With silver grey metallic as its main color, and the terrazzo wall matching light tubes used in factories, the industrial style is well-presented. The stunning bright green printed rug also delivers a trendy street style.

With the French elegant style it has always displayed, Roger Vivier opens its debut duty-free specialty store in Taoyuan Airport. The mild pink and off-white color palette of the store creates a dreamy atmosphere with the brand’s classic square buckle evident throughout the space. The store is filled with art pieces handpicked in Jamaica and the Ivory Coast by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni, making customers feel as they are browsing a private museum.

Besides down jackets for men and women, MONCLER exclusively introduces down jackets for kids. New designer styles coming directly from the fashion shows are a highlight of the store.

At the end of 2019, Ever Rich completed the innovative renovation of the 2 duty-free zones in T2 at Taoyuan International Airport. Not only does it showcase our ability in professional planning and efficient execution, it also provides our travelers with more diverse products and services. With the all-new airport image at Taoyuan T2, we bring an all-new duty-free shopping experience to our travelers.