INK in the Ascendant-Group Exhibition of Cross-Strait Ink Painters
Period  |  2020.02.01-2020.03.19

Rooted in the long history of Chinese culture, the art of ink wash painting marks its irreplaceable uniqueness, representing the mutual affection of human mind and nature. It develops like the rising sun and lasts like the eternal moon, whose aura endures over more than a thousand years.

The group exhibition, INK in the Ascendant, is jointly sponsored by Chang-Ge Arts and Media, Ever Rich, Research Association of Min-Nan Culture, and China Times. With more than 80 works assembled, 40 established ink painters from cross-strait are invited to participate. The exhibition not only presents the development of contemporary ink art but also creates dialogues across different regions and generations.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Period: 109.02.01~109.03.19

Place: Cultural Sqaure, 5F, Taipei Downtown Store,Neihu

Organizer: Chang-Ge Arts and Media 、Ever Rich Duty Free Shop、Research Association of Min-Nan Culture,、 China Times.