“I am Lee, Ken-Tsai” Typography Aesthetics Concept Exhibition
Period  |  2019.06.21-2019.10.18

Design proceeds from the perspective of serving others, while art derives from the self. Many designers are well aware of the difference between the meaning of design and art. Relationships between creative behaviors derived from design and traditional designing have sparked a wide range of possibilities.

Ever Rich is inviting Master Lee, Ken-Tsai, the driving force behind the debut of Taiwan’s designs in global design exhibitions, to display his more than a decade of works that have transformed from creative design to education on linear aesthetics of visual arts, hoping to wow travelers around the world with Taiwanese design’s visual impacts.

Exhibition Date:Taoyuan International Airport  2019.06.21-2019.09.20

                            Taipei Songshan Airport  2019.07.17-2019.10.18

Exhibition Location: A9 Art Gallery, Zone A, Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport

                     Cultural Gallery, Taipei Songshan Airport

Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation

                     Taipei International Airport

                     Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation

Joint-organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop