Micro-Universe in Utensils
Period  |  2019.05.10-2019.12.10

Kao, Pin-Tung is a refined artisan coming from Lukang, Taiwan. He departs from the stereotype of black-glazed Tenmoku ceramic crafts, dedicating himself to the preparation of his unique glaze. It is stunning, rich, and mysterious in color. From the luster and tone of the tea bowl’s glaze, the splendid colors, like galaxies in space, glimmer, giving out sparkles of the Milky Way.

Each craft is unique. Each gold color crafts is special, without repeating itself. It is magnificent, lofty, and rare. This is the renowned Tenmoku tea bowl animated with his crafty hands. When tasting tea with his refined crafts, people can also enjoy their stunning colors, lured into the universe of utensils.

Exhibition Location: Zone A and Zone B, Taiwan Folks Art Area, Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport
Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation, Lukang Kiln
Co-organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, Chinese Traditional Culture Foundation