Shiang Huang's Sole Creative Exhibition
Period  |  2019.03.26-2019.06.24

Taiwan's emerging artist Shiang Huang has a soul and fortitude in her enthusiasm for creation lying beneath her sweet appearance. Having been enlightened since her childhood, she has constantly strengthened herself with self-energy in the creative field until now through active learning and exploration. Her creation is a manifestation of illustration in a much livelier form. All her artworks directly transfer the creator's own personality, tranquil and serene, as well as natural and realistic. Thus, in the pictures she created, a smiling and serene woman is commonly seen, and the styles of the characters are always sleek and chubby, comfortable without a sense of oppression. The color matching based on medium brightness and concentrated saturation makes the picture deliver a warm visual feel with a sense of harmony. The art style is filled with fun.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Location: Central Gallery, Kaohsiung International Airport
Supervisor: Kaohsiung International Airport
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Co-Organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop