Ru-An Jhang's Solo Exhibition
Period  |  2018.09.28-2019.01.18

In the past, dogs were used as guards and hunters. With the evolution of their roles, it also highlights the change of people’s lifestyles. Perhaps, through the gaze of their eyes, we can ponder our lives from different perspectives.

The shift in the media for artistic creation and the transition from thinking of painting to the scenes in everyday life originates from the study and curiosity of images of dogs. It is also the doubts about the syntax of politics in formal media. At the same time, it is also the artist’s response to the process of training in the art academy.

▲A photo of the exhibition

Exhibition Location: B7 Art Gallery, Terminal 1, Taoyuan International Airport
Supervisor: Taoyuan International Airport Corporation
Organizer: Ever Rich Foundation
Joint-organizer: Ever Rich Duty Free Shop